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Yoshinogawa Family Rafting

Tokushima Family Rafting spots in Japan.Ages 7 and up can participate.

Rafting Fee

credit card available


Available From mid-July to mid-September
2,980 JPY~(with tax)
Rafting tour guide fee, insurance fee, basic rental fee.


  • AM rafting : meeting 8:30 finish 11:30-12:30
Finish time depend on the condition of the river.

Age Limit

Minimum age is 7 , and under 12 must join with a parent or a guardian.
Booking accept on the day
Booking accept on the day

Please wait for a while until the season starts.

Introduction to family rafting

River Guide
White water rafting on the Yoshino River in Tokushima, Shikoku, with participants from elementary school age! The family rafting offers an authentic whitewater rafting experience for children. This trip is safe enough for elementary school students and up, so you can enjoy the rapids and the great outdoors safely! Surrounded by big mountains, you can enjoy swimming and playing games in the clear water! All of our guides are rescue certified, so you can be sure of a safe and secure tour. Advance reservations are required, but same-day reservations are possible if space is available.
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Rafting Schedule


BIGSMILE Yoshinogawa Ikeda base
Ikeda Base is located in riverside, have free parking lot for cars. We have enough of free wet suit and variety of kids' sizes, XS-4XL.
The meeting place
Before the meeting time, you fill in the rafting form. After that,change for the wet suit in the clean and comfortable room with A/C.
jacket and helmet
After you changed, put on a life jacket and helmet.
Go to the starting point by our passenger's bus.
You will be bussed to the starting point. Our staff will give you a safety briefing.

Let's go rafting!

rafting start
After paddling practice, we will go down the river. Enjoy the greatest scenery from start to goal, 2 kilometers about 1 hours.
move boat
River rafting being prepared a boat of at most 7 seats of basis. We will board a boat right away. It's the moment tension rises most.
paddling a boat practice.
At first, Paddling practice. Friendly tour guides teach you it kind politeness gently.
Rafting start
Let's go rafting after paddling practice.You guys ready? Here we come!

Challenge the rapid

together rafting
"Tekkyo no Se(railway bridge rapid)" Let's all paddle down together, breathe together, and get along well together!
Safety Guide
There is always one rescue-qualified guide on board to ensure your safety. Please have a good time.
The river is getting wild, so everyone hold on tight to the ropes and keep going! As the children get used to it, their expressions become more relaxed... let's have fun!
Tekkyo no Se
Finally, we've arrived at "Tekkyo no Se" Let's join forces to overcome the rapids while being splashed by a huge spray of water!

Jumping and games

jump from the rock
On the way to the goal, we do some games,too. Jumping from the rock and swimming. Do some more fun games!
Let's swim a lot.
Swimming is great fun when everyone swims together. We wear life jackets, so it feels good to float around in the water!
rafting game
Let's play a variety of games. Fathers and mothers, hold the children's ropes tightly.
On the river beach, we take some pictures.
When we have time to spare, we play by the waterfall. You are like a ninja! What shall we do today?

After finish rafting

rafting goal
Once we get through the heavy currents together, we're all friends! When you reach the goal, get on our microbus and return to the meeting place. There will also be a screening of photos taken today.
It's a goal!
After the goal, you make a big smile, of course. "Say, Cheese!"
And then, return to Ikeda Meeting base by our passenger's bus.
At the meeting base, we change into clothes and break up. If you have a time,please check some photographs we took you today.
※ In the case of rise on a river water or the possibility case, we chance for the course to Oboke Long Course, in our tour guides to take safety priority.
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What you need?

Spring rafting clothes
Early summer rafting clothes
Summer rafting clothes
Winter early fall rafting clothes
Autumn rafting clothes
helmet, life jacket ,paddle and so on are prepared by BIGSMILE for free
It depends on the weather situation of the day, we prepare another wears.

You need to prepare for Kyoto Hozu Halfday Rafting

  • bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Shoes for rafting (It will get wet)

who wear glasses and contact lenses

  • glasses band goggles

Access to Family Rafting

Koboke full-day Adrenaline Rafting access map
Meeting Place
BIGSMILE Ikeda base
direct phone line
ZIP-code: 778-5251
240 Hakuchi-Honmyo, Ikeda-cho, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima
  • By car
  • By train
  • Koboke full-day Adrenaline Rafting access map Access by car
    Osaka area→Tarumi I.C → (Kobe Awaji -Naruto Expressway) → Naruto JCT → (Tokushima Expressway) → Igawa-Ikeda → Route 32 to Kochi are → BIGSMILE Ikeda base
    Free parking lots in the same area

  • Koboke full-day Adrenaline Rafting access map Access by train
    Okayama Station → (JR Seto-Ohashi Line) → Awa-Ikeda Station → (9:00 free pickup reservation required) → BIGSMILE Ikeda base
    Please check the time table of trains.
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Family rafting course map

Map of koboke family Rafting map
When the water level rises, the course will be changed for safety reasons.

A real rapids!

Japan's fastest stream Yoshino river
You will go down the rapids with a tremendous splash. Children and adults alike are sure to have a blast! Let's work together as a team to overcome the rapids!

Let's swim in the river!

Yoshino river of super power
At the swim point, you can put on a life jacket and play in the water. Swimming in the river is a rare experience! Enjoy the Yoshino River with your whole body!


Q. Are they the same meeting places halfday Rafting base and family Rafting?
No, they are different places halfday base and family base. Half base is BIGSMILE Awa-Kawaguchi base, takes about 1 minutes walk from JR Awa-Kawaguchi Station. Please look up "BIGSMILE Ikeda base" on Google Map. Two meeting base are close,so you may make a mistake. The meeting place also mentions a map on our website, so please check it.
Q. Do you have a parking lot?
Yes, we have free parking lots at base.
Q. Can a big bus be parked?
No, we don't have enough places for big bus for parking, but we have space for minibuses.
Q. May I bring my camera or a GoPro?
To take your camera or a GoPro to a river has a high possibility that it's lost, so we don't recommend you so much. It is up to you for bringing them, self-responsibility. Our tour guide takes pictures and you can see the pictures. If you like them, you can buy CD-R(about 30 pictures / JPY2,000 post-tax price) for each one.

Participant's Voice

2 Reviews
date : 2023-08-21
It took a long time to move, but there was a lot of play and it was a lot of fun. I wanted to experience more torrents, so I wanted to do a course for 18 and over. thank you very much.
TokushimaYoshinoFamily rafting participant
date : 2023-08-14
I have great memories with my son. it was fun. I will also participate
TokushimaYoshinoFamily rafting participant
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Limits for Rafting

Age Limit
Minimum age is 7 , and under 12 must join with a parent or a guardian.
Health conditions
Participation is sometimes declined by the day's health.
Decline to accept for be drunk.
We decline a drunken person. And the case's repayment can't refund a fee.
During pregnancy
A pregnant woman can't participate in rafting.
An epileptic fit
Doctor's medical certificate is needed, mentioning of participation permission of rafting.

cancellation policy

8 days before 7-4 days before 3-1 days before Same day
Free 30% 50% 100%
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