November 18th 2023 Hozu Rafting Blog


The rafting tour yesterday, November 17th was the last tour of Big Smile Hozugawa Rafting in 2023! !

Thank you for coming this year!

This year, new guides were assigned, and many Nepali people came to work as guides, making Hozugawa very lively.

It became easier to travel overseas, and there were many customers from overseas.

We were very excited!!

Check out this photo for today’s tour! !

We feel happy when we see everyone’s smiling faces.

Big Smile Hozugawa Rafting has many overseas customers, so you might be able to make friends from overseas on the river.

Winter is coming, but when spring comes, let’s play together in the river.

Let’s look at the photos and get motivated until spring! ! !

See you soon~

Thank you for participating in the Hozugawa Rafting Tour in 2023!

In the end, I decided on your photo!

This year’s newcomer “Andy” did her best! !

Cute smile♡♡♡

November 5th 2023 Hozu Rafting Blog


Big Smile is holding a rafting tour on the Hozugawa River today as well.

The trees around the Hozugawa River have beautiful autumn leaves. ^^

On the afternoon course in November, the sun sets early.

The autumn leaves look even more beautiful as the sunset hits the mountains!

The conditions of the rapids of the Hozugawa River are very good!

If you haven’t gone rafting yet, muster up the courage and try it in November!

November 3rd 2023 Hozu Rafting Blog

This year, Hozu in Kyoto is warm even in November! !

Therefore, you can enjoy rafting even in November.

If you feel cold after swimming too much, warm up by paddling a lot.

Today’s guests were swimming happily.

We swim just like them.

he posed cool in the air‼

Let’s all try diving from rocks when rafting.

Who will be the best jumper in 2023? ! ?

Dear guests, thank you for joining us on the tour today‼

November 1st 2023 Hozu Rafting Blog

It’s finally November.

Even in November, if the weather is sunny in Hozu, the temperature is warm and you can enjoy rafting to the fullest‼

Today’s guests are a couple from Australia.

It was warm so they both jumped into the river.

They said “it feels gooooooooood”.

Guests vs Guide Surya in balance game

How will it end?

Surya(guide) is the winner‼ lol

Please come and battle again.

I was already losing and swimming in the river…

Come again‼ We are one team‼

Everyone please come rafting.

We are waiting for you at Hozugawa River.

October 31th 2023 Hozu Rafting Blog

Hello everyone I’m Han-chan.

October ends today…

I thought the temperature would be low, but today’s temperature was actually over 20 degrees Celsius and sunny.

We enjoyed rafting in the perfect weather.

Many of our customers are from overseas, and we talk to them about various things!

Today’s guest came from Europe to participate in the Hozu River rafting tour.

The guests had to hold on to ropes to avoid falling in the rapids, but they thoroughly enjoyed rafting!

We are happy that they both seem to be having fun.

One of the guests adamantly refused to jump from the top of the rock…

Another guest convinced her and they both jumped!

After diving, I saw them hugging each other in the river and felt the love.

It will be November from tomorrow.

There are not many dates for Hozugawa Rafting Tours, but we look forward to your participation!

October 28th 2023 Hozu Rafting Blog

Today I will write a blog about Hozu Rafting Tour!

It was windy today, but the weather was clear and it was a perfect day for rafting!

Even if you have never experienced rafting, we recommend trying it in the fall!

Today’s guests were four nice guys, and they swam a lot at the swim point.

We sometimes play special games on small group tours.

The guests were having so much fun swimming and wrestling with each other!

As a guide, I was also drawn into the river by them and had a lot of fun!

This is a boat called Ducky, which is sometimes ridden by guides who take photos during small-group tours.

At the swimming point, the four of them tried to board Ducky and the boat was flipping.

This season, Osmanthus has a faint fragrance and is very beautiful.

Please come and join us on our Hozugawa Rafting Tour!

A unique rafting guide will take you to the Hozugawa River.

October 26th 2023 Hozu Rafting Blog


The morning and evening temperatures in Kyoto are starting to get quite cold!

However, during the day the temperature exceeded 20 degrees and I was sweating even with short sleeves!

Photos of guests looking bright and sunny The autumn leaves will be at their peak soon!

We also thoroughly enjoy the rapids!

It’s not cold to swim One month left, we are holding a Hozugawa Rafting Tour!

Everyone, come and go rafting once before this year’s rafting tour ends!

2023 October 25th rafting tour in Kyoto


Today’s custmors are coming Kyoto for school trip!

we enjoyed with good friends!

Harry Potter Pose

we are get exicited about rafting!

It is nice paddling even in a rapid

you get soking wet quickly but this is RAFTING!!

We challenged clif jump

He said floting feeling is great

you jumped three times

it was very nice jump!!

Good weather is continue and this is good time to rafting!

we are waiting for you!

2023 October 24th rafting tour in Kyoto

We held a tour in great weather!

Autum leaves are getting, We can enjoy beautiful Hozu Valley

It is beutiful colour sky!

We enjoy rafting!

you get grat water and fun!

if you paddled hader you could get more water!

If you dont like cold, have seat back side and take good photo!

you can enjoy nature from the boat

it is unusually isn’t it?

If you have a intreset, come and enjoy!

2023 October 23th rafting tour in Kyoto


we enjoyed rafting in good weather

When it is good weather, you dont have to care about cold and it is fantastic!

Of course you have to wear wet suit…

The rapid is great!

If it is water level is low, you can get good waves in Hozu River!

you get soaking wet easliy so you can get satisfied!

Nice swimming! but she wanted to swim more..

Thank you for your BIG SMILE!

He was a littie scary but fainally we coule see great jump

rafting season will be closeed soon

But, you have time to rafting enough

Plese come and enjoy!