2024/07/22 big smile okutama mitake

namaste everyone we are here waiting for you to come rafting with big smile okutama tama river.

look how much fun they are having in the rapid


jumping in the river and have some fun

waw. how fun it is to swim along rafting

2024/07/21.big smile okutama mitake.

namaste everyone from big smile okutama .i am going to upload some of picture of the day .we hope every one can see them .it was very nice to be on the water .so summer has a began hare we are doing river rafting in tama river okutama please do not miss your great holiday ,hare we are waiting for you thank you .

river rafting not only paddling all the time .hare you can see having good fun without doing paddle and got some splash .

kids are doing great job with warm up looking very happy .

even jump of the raft is very exited .wanna do more .

group are warming up during the game point. and can do many more .well thanks for everybody to participate with us and take good care and enjoy your day.

2024/07/20 rafting big smile okutama mitake.

namaste everyone hare we are waiting for you to come rafting with us tama river okutama .so summer has just start please try not to miss this adventure sport .so please make your wonderful holiday with us big smile thank you .

hare we are with great nature with clean water .having a little splash.

jump of the raft which is nice and easy also good fun .

swimming a little while was great fun to.

end of the trip looking happy .OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2024 0717 Okutama Rafting Tour Blog

Hi, Everyone Thank u for reading it.

Today is very good weather from the afternoon. very good condition of rafting:)

Maybe it will finish rainy season in japan. so i think becoming warm soon!

nice temperature in the water

Thank u for join us trips.

if u have time pls come again:)

We are waiting in BigSmile 🤗

2024/07/16 rafting big smile okutama mitake.

namaste everyone you are always welcoming to rafting big smile okutama mitake .hare we are looking for you to come rafting with us .okutama mitake is not far way from around tokyo which is even you can ride train or car. today even rainy day we had been rafting it was great fun .did not get cold either .we got such a nice equipment which wet suit or jacket it was warm enough.so when ever have a time ,please think about it thank you .

not only paddling, some how we are taking a rest during the calm water .

warming up playing some game was great .

yeah also swimming with clean water even the rainy day had a lot of fun .

2024/07/14.bigsmile rafting okutama mitaka .

you are most welcome to rafting big smile okutama mitake .hare we are doing great activities with you .river rafting with having a good fun.today the weather was not very clear even the fuggy with light rain we made it it is not very cold because we had wear wet suit that made us warm enough no problem at all thank you .

had a great fun we enjoy a lot .

jump off the raft was even good fun and teach us well how to do it .

swimming low current was pretty much safe no dough to have any problem we freely having a great fun to .


the weather was light rain and fuggy even the fuggy around us we can see good view as well .so thank you for this day and hope to see you again thank you .

2024/07/13 rafting bigsmile okutama mitake

hello namaste everyone we are here in okutama mitake waiting you to come for rafting with big smile which is very easy access form Tokyo. you can ride train or by your own vehicle. Here are some pic form today rafting plz take a look thank you.

one of best way to get wet in summer

its very good landscape around the river

jump from the raft is extra fun