Stress-free Internet reservations

Reservation application via internet
(Please select the river, date and time of your choice)
★For credit card payments
Please check your reservation details before making a payment.
Your reservation is complete when you receive an email confirming your reservation.

Please check the reservation details and make your payment.

Advantages of Web booking

Special Web Discounts

Internet (web) reservations receive a 500 yen discount per person compared to regular reservations!
You will also be able to use credit card payment and My Page, where you can change the number of people or cancel your reservation 24 hours a day.
*A predetermined cancellation fee will be charged from 7 days prior to the event.

No Stress! Internet Reservations

If you make a reservation online, our real-time system will send you an e-mail confirming your reservation as soon as you complete the form! No need to wait for your reservation.

Internet Reservations
Learn more about how to make a reservation
Reservation Step 1

Check seat availability and rates

Reservation Step 1
  1. Let's go to the price list at the top of this page.
  2. Press the date section as shown above left to see the rates at the bottom of the page.
Reservation Step 2

Enter the number of people you wish to reserve!

Reservation Step 2
  1. Choose the number of people you want and press the reservation button!
Reservation Step 3

Let's proceed to the reservation form!

Reservation Step 3
  1. Let's check the date, course, number of participants, total, etc.
  2. Let's press the "Reservation Request" button for the first time!
Reservation Step 4

form entry screen

Reservation Step 4
  1. Please enter your information
  2. Please select whether you have someone under 18 years of age
Reservation Step 5

confirmation screen

  1. For credit card payment, please click the payment button to move to the payment page. Your reservation will be completed after payment.


After making a reservation by phone or on the Internet, you may
If you cancel, reduce the number of participants, or change the date, course, or time, the following cancellation fees will apply.
before 8days7~4 days ago3~1 days agoSame day
Free 30% 50% 100%