Today is 2024-07-19 Tokushima Whitewater Rafting Yoshino River.


This is the very good wither for doing white water rafting not so cold not so hoy in the water.

Can play in the water long time. looks like water lover.

Next to the river there is water fall having nice time in there.

Really nice plash in the river with big smile.

June 20, 2024 Oboke half-day tour in Japan.

Hi everyone~ This is Raju ♬

Today we had a tour in the Oboke section.

Oboke is also a very fun course where you will be challenging yourself towards big waves 🌊

This is really beginning of the Rafting smile.

It will be like this ↑

This is the big smile plash in big wave.

Ready for lift jump.

funny way to flow with small rapid.

Then next wetting for you thank you.

October 28th 2023 Yoshino Rafting Blog

Tomorrow is the last Yoshinogawa rafting tour of the year!

Tomorrow is the final tour! !

Thank you for participating in the rafting tour this morning and afternoon!

Today’s customers are Singaporeans and Japanese!

In October, if you can put on a wet suit and jacket and get excited, you can go swimming ( ´∀` )

By the way, you will definitely get wet in the rapids as shown in this photo. ( ´∀` )

Don’t worry, you’ll be wearing a wet suit.

Please come again!

We are TEAM! !

October 25th 2023 Yoshino Rafting Blog

Today, customers from various countries such as Chile, Canada, France, and Japan participated in the Yoshinogawa Rafting Tour! !

say cheese! !

I took a picture of the best smile!

Everyone played in the river so much that it was hard to believe it was October ( ´∀` )

Everyone swims well!

The water is clean, so you can feel refreshed after swimming.

We hope you all will come to Big Smile again! !

thank you very much!

October 22nd 2023 Yoshino Rafting Blog

Today is Sunnyday! ! !

In autumn, there is a big difference in temperature depending on when the sun is shining and when it is not!

A sunny day is a good day for rafting.

Customers from overseas were smiling as they enjoyed the beauty of Japan’s scenery and the fun of rapids! !

The water is clean, isn’t it?

The guests showed us a dynamic jump from the top of the rock! !

Swedish style!

We have become friends and have come back even beyond nationality!

Yoshinogawa Rafting will be open until late October, so we are waiting for you!

October 21st 2023 Yoshino Rafting Blog

Today, we were thankful that our customers came for the morning tour and the afternoon tour.

I thought it would be chilly, but after getting on the boat and paddling, I warmed up!

Enjoy the river and rapids with your whole body!

Like this! !

By the way, I recommend sitting in the front seat as you will get the most water splash!

If you have the courage and determination, you can try jumping from the rocks.

Nice jump! Nice pose!

See you next year! !

October 20th 2023 Yoshino Rafting Blog

There are only a few days left until the last Yoshinogawa rafting tour of the year.

I will enjoy Yoshinogawa Rafting until the end!

And we will entertain you to the fullest at Yoshinogawa.

Today’s customers were from overseas!!

Today’s guide is Shankar from Nepal!

The guide wearing a red helmet is Shankar.

He controls the boat into nice waves with his high technical skills!!

Nice splash!

I took this photo so I wouldn’t miss this moment.

Today’s customers loved this place on the AM course!!

The scenery of Yoshino River is really beautiful~

Everyone, please come to Yoshinogawa Rafting to enjoy the rapids and beautiful scenery!