we are the best team to create smiles for our customers.

Message from the President

Since our establishment in 1999, we have been providing our customers with safe and enjoyable rafting experiences, and have been committed to social contribution and community activities. We aim to share the best time of excitement and joy with our customers.
rescue training
The company is run by a rescue training instructor and is known for its safety.
We are very unique among rafting companies in Japan in that our representative is a "Rescue Instructor" who instructs firefighters. As a rescue instructor at fire stations and fire schools from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, he teaches rescue techniques to firefighters. Naturally, our staff also undergoes rescue training on a regular basis to ensure maximum safety on our tours. We are also a member of the Japan Rafting Association and serve as the president of the association to promote the development and safety of the industry.
Trusted and proven, with 30% repeat customers and approximately 50,000 people using the service annually.
Founded in 1998, we are a well-established rafting company with over 20 years of operation and experience. With six of Japan's largest rafting locations nationwide (Saitama, Tokyo, Gifu, Kyoto, Tokushima, and Kochi), we are always ready to gather information from various fields across the country and provide safe ways to enjoy rafting and new forms of leisure styles. We have also strengthened our partnerships with major travel agencies based on our reliability and track record, and our services are used by approximately 50,000 customers annually, including general private tours and group extracurricular learning on school excursions.
The "politeness" of the customer service is the reason why it is loved by friends and couples.
We are a rafting company that offers a high level of safety and one-of-a-kind fun, but at the root of all of this is our service spirit of "taking good care of our customers. Through the acquisition of qualifications for the Service Hospitality Test and study sessions on customer service and service at morning meetings, we strive to provide service that will make everyone, from groups of people in their 20s and 30s to fathers and mothers with small children and families, say, "I'm glad I came to rafting! We strive to provide services that make everyone, from groups of people in their 20s and 30s to fathers and mothers with small children and families, say, "I'm glad I came rafting! As a result, we have received high evaluations from our customers, with an increasing number of happy words written on Google reviews and other sites.

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy
Through our business activities, our customers and staff share the BIGSMILE and at the same time contribute to the development of human society.
BIGSMILE philosophy
At Big Smile, the right way to think and act as a human being is summarized in the 78-point BS Philosophy. It follows principles such as "fairness and justice," "teamwork," and "living life with a pure heart."
By clarifying the decision-making criteria of the BS Philosophy, all staff members, including the president, will contribute to our customers and society with a sense of unity.
bigsmile staff

About us

Company name
March 4, 1999

Kyoto Head Office

23 Shino Shinhatada, Shino Town, Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture

Phone number 0771-29-5370
FAX number 0771-29-5371
Akihiko Uyama, President and Representative Director
capital stock
10 million yen
Number of Employees
106 (including term employees)
permits and licences
  • Registered with the Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency, Type 1 Travel Agency No. 1983
Main Clients
  • JTB Corporation
  • Tobu Top Tours Co.
  • Kinki Nippon Tourist Group
  • Japan Travel Agency, Inc.
affiliated company
Rescue Japan Inc.

Each office


Received first prize at the 21st Seiwajyuku World Congress, Inamori Management Award
Inamori Management Award
President Kazuo Inamori, who has achieved great success in founding Kyocera, rebuilding KDDI, and JAL, recognized the excellent management of our company. On the day of the award ceremony, President Ueki of JAL and more than 4,000 top executives from various fields gathered from around the world to receive the award directly from President Inamori and have dinner with him.


Rafting Business
Rafting BusinessRafting Business
We operate rafting tours in 6 offices on 5 rivers. We operate rafting tours for the general public who apply directly to us, as well as educational rafting tours through major travel agencies.
rescue business
rescue businessrescue business
We provide training for rescue personnel (firefighters, police, and self-defense forces) who are active on the front lines nationwide in the advanced rescue techniques cultivated in our rafting division, and we also sell rescue equipment and materials.
High operations business
High operations businessHigh operations business
We survey, inspect, and perform nondestructive testing of bridges using high-strength ropes and equipment with low elongation without the use of scaffolding or elevating vehicles.