Message from the president

CEO photo CEO Akihiko Uyama
When I was at collage belonging to the expedition club and meeting rafting, and after graduating, I worked in Australia as a rafting guide.This work which has liked oneself and has begun. During continuing the business, I met up with various people. The viewpoint which carries on business by gaining various experiences again changes into an employee as well as a customer and a place how society can contribute to others and has come from a limited place as itself. A safe and fun rafting tour will be also put into effect now, and I am going to do good company making more than everybody can spend time as BIGSMILE. I pile up a further effort in order to everybody's expectations, so please support us.

company profile

1.Company name Bigsmile.corp
2. Location of head office Tokyo office

4F, 3-2-14, Nihonbashi, Cyuou-ku, Tokyo

Kyoto office

23 Shinhatada, Shino Cho, Kameoka, Kyoto

3.Representative President and CEO Akihiko Uyama
4.Established date March 4,1999
5Purpose of business: 1.Sale of outdoor leisure goods and rescue articles and rental

2.planning and management of events

3.Rope high place work business

4.Tourist industry based on a tourist industry way

5.Handling business of the used article by which it's for an antique and a book

6.Sales trade through the internet

7.The total business attendant in each previous number

6.Capital JPY10,000,000
7.Numbers of employees 93 persons (as August.2015)
8.Permissions Tourism Agency#1983

Curio dealer:

Kyoto Prefectural Public Safety Commission#612350930017

Tokushima Prefectural Public Safety Commission#801120000346

Saitama prefectural Public safety commision#431150029544

11.Contact 【Kyoto】  Phone:0771-29-5370