Nagara rafting 2024/07/21

Today was a sunny day, a pleasant day and the weather was sunny day good. All the guests enjoyed it….Guests enjoyed rock jumping.

Today we had the pleasure of photographing the view at the water falls of the Nagara River. And the guests are also happy.Today, we came back from rafting with Japanese and Nepalese customers and had a lot of fun. Please everybody welcome rafting.

Nagara rafting 2024/07/18

very clean water beautiful view with kind people they looks happy. welcome everyone. we will wait for all of you. can enjoy together.

Rafting is the team work we can paddle together.

All Japanese and international tourists visiting Japan are welcome to our Big Smile Rafting. Let’s enjoy with everyone.

Nagara rafting 2024/06/29

I am ram from nepal. We are napali and japanig guide in big smile company hope to see you soon.

making flower in the water.

jump from the boat.

kids and everyone enjoy the jump.

they looks happey…

October 9th 2023 Nagara Rafting Blog


Today’s weather was raining since morning☔

Today’s Nagara Rafting Tour was the last tour of the year!

Rafting is fun even when it rains.

Rafting is actually more fun when it rains!

You can experience the extraordinary experience of playing in the rain.

Thanks to the rain, the water level of the Nagara River has increased!

It’s exciting!

There had been no rain recently, so the river water level was low.

But thanks to the rain, there were some nice waves 🌊

This year’s Nagara River rafting tour is over!

Thank you so much for joining the tour!

See you next year!

October 8th 2023 Nagara Rafting Blog

Tomorrow is the last Nagara River rafting tour of the year.

Thank you for joining us on today’s rafting tour! !

It started raining a little this afternoon, but we and our guests had a good time.

Even “Baba-chan”, who usually has a poker face, will be smiling on the exciting river! (lol)

I want to see this smile on land too. (lol)

What a beautiful smile! !

There are fewer customers in October, so you can have a relaxing time.

If you don’t mind a bit of cold weather, I recommend coming rafting at this time of year!

Tomorrow is the last rafting tour of the year, so please come and join us!

October 7th 2023 Nagara Rafting Blog

Three-day holiday starts today in Japan!

The temperature in Nagara suddenly became cold in October, but we can protect ourselves from the cold by wearing wetsuits.

The water is really clean in October, and the tour may be private.

Would you like to come on a rafting tour with only two days left this year?

Beautiful jump!

I will learn from you.

This is also a sample jump from a rock!

All the customers had good jumps.

Nice try everyone!

I also took lots of photos for the customers’ memories!

Isn’t that a nice photo! ?

After the tour, everyone can look at this photo together at the base and have fun again.

There are only two Nagara River rafting tours left this year!

If you can’t come, please come next year!!

Thank you very much for today!

October 2nd 2023 Nagara Rafting Blog

Nagara River Rafting Tour is also open in October!

This year’s Nagara River tour is scheduled to end in early October.

Everyone please come for the last rafting of the year!

There are few rafting tours on the Nagara River in October, so the entire river may be reserved for private use.

Maybe you can have a rafting boat and the Nagara River to yourself?

Today, our Nepali guide Roku came from Kyoto to help us.

Roku is wearing a blue helmet!

Along with the guests, he also jumped off a rock.

Nice jump for both!

We played a lot and relaxed in the sun…

The river was sparkling!

Everyone, please come to Nagara River Rafting!