Rafting Tour Kochi Yoshino River Family Rafting
  • Fool around and make a big smile
    Fool around and make a big smile
  • Have a good summer vacation!
    Have a good summer vacation!
  • We are on good family!
    We are on good family!
  • Enjoy weekends with your family
    Enjoy weekends with your family
  • Have a nice rafting time
    Have a nice rafting time
  • You are our greatest treasure!
    You are our greatest treasure!

The feature of Kochi Family Rafting

Kochi Yoshino River Family Rafting, you can participate from 7 years old child and rafting can be enjoyed with your family safely. Please make a wonderful memory with the child by all means.

Rafting Fee

Various credit cards can be used


from the last ten days of July to the last day of August.
JPY3,980 (including tax-8%)~
JPY3,686 (excluding tax-8%)~
the charge after reservation discount on the website
including wet jacket and accident insurance

Meeting Time

  • start9:00 finish12:30
  • start13:30 finish17:00
※ Finish time depends on the condition of the river.

Age Limit

Minimum age is 7 , and under 12 must join with a parent or a guardian.

Rafting Fee(WEB Discount)

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Introduction Kochi Rafting

Kochi Yoshino River Half-day Rafting Tour Guide
Kochi Yoshino River Half-day Rafting Tour Guide,
Rafting in the area Kochi Yoshino River in Shikoku is gentle relatively. The course which was considered sufficiently in the safety you can enjoy from a 7 years old child. You can enjoy great outdoors slowly with your child! This area surrounded by big mountains and swim in the water which became clear, and you can enjoy some activities! [continued from here] It takes 15 minutes by car from Otoyo IC of Kochi Expressway in Shikoku. We will also recommend you outdoors in Yoshino River area! Please enjoy rafting easily, and the rafting fits a family summer vacation in Shikoku area♪

Tour Schedule

Meeting at Toyonaga Meeting Base♪

BIGSMILE Toyonaga base
Toyonaga Meeting Base of Kochi Yoshino River Family Rafting is located 15 minute by car from Otoyo I.C of Kochi Expressway. You can park your car near our free parking lots. In the changing room, there are coin lockers and air conditioners. We have enough of free wet suit and variety of sizes(XS~4XL)
More information
Getting dressed
Before the meeting time, you fill in the participation application form. And after that, change for the wet suit in the clean and comfortable room with air conditioners.
Safety instructions
After you changed, put on a life jacket and helmet.
It's being prepared from 100 centimeters of height to 140 kilometers of weight.
It takes 15 minutes to starting point by our passenger's bus.

Time to raft!

Rafting start
After rowing practice, we will go down the river. Enjoy the greatest scenery from start to goal, 4 kilometers about 1 hour or 1 and a half hour.
One point advice
Don't worry you cannot swim
This is the course where even a child can participate relatively for a gentle course in Yoshino River. Even if your child feels afraid and doesn't row any more, it's OK! Just riding in the boat, it is also fun rafting.
More information
Let's board the boat
We prepare boat of at most 7 seats. First, get in the boat. That is our pleasant for children's pulse-pounding expression♪
Rowing practice
When it begins to flow, several torrents show first. Row the boat together by the teamwork.

Try torrents

On the way to the goal, there are some torrents. Let's be on good terms, go down the river by everyone!
One point advice
Child dislike swimming
Life jacket is floated you on the river. Even if you cannot swim well, there is a flow on a river it's advanced you. Your child who doesn't like swimming is relieved, too.
More information
Challenge torrent
In the torrent, everyone, tension rise! Please spend a great time with your family.
Everyone will grasp and insist a rope tightly!
Room is seen by children's expression. Let's enjoy your rafting!

Jumping and some activities

Dive from the rocky field
On the way to the goal, we do some fun activities. Please watch your children's growth.
More information
Let's swim a lot
Let's swim in the Yoshino River! It makes you more fun!
Rafting game
Try some fun activities! Mom and Dad, grasp child's rope tightly.
Titanic game
When we have enough time, we play at a waterfall. Which activity do you want to do?

After finish rafting

It's a goal
After the goal, we go back to the Meeting base by our passenger’s bus. At there, please check some photographs we took you today.
More information
It's a goal!
Now we are the goal point. We make a big smile!
After rafting is a hot spring
After the goal, we go back to the Meeting base by our passenger’s bus.
After rafting is a hot spring
At the meeting base, we change into clothes and break up. If you have a time, please check some photographs we took you today.
We update every day, the movement situations of the river
We update every day, the movement situations of the river

What you need?

  • Spring rafting clothes
  • Early summer rafting clothes
  • Summer rafting clothes
  • Winter early fall rafting clothes
  • Autumn rafting clothes
  • helmet, life jacket ,paddle and so on are prepared by BIGSMILE for free
  • It depends on the weather situation of the day, we prepare another wears.

You need to prepare for Kochi Yoshino River Family Rafting

  • bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Shoes for rafting (It will get wet)

who wear glasses and contact lenses

  • glasses band goggles
You need to prepare for Kochi Rafting

We prepare for you



paddling jacket(on the left)

We have paddling jackets for windy and rainy weather for protect you from cold climate. You are not strong to the cold, you wear it.

wet suits(in the middle)

The wet suits, we prepared is made of neoprene material. You can enjoy rafting with this wet suit even in the cold weather. Enough to wet suit and variety of sizes(XS~4XL) But we don't have enough 4XL size, please contact us beforehand.

wet jacket(on the right)

In the cold day or you are not strong to the cold, we are ready wet jackets for you. There are a lot of situations idle at a river for a child, so the child wears a wet jacket for all seasons.




In the river, there are many rocks and drift wood. You need to wear a helmet to protect your head. We have various sizes.

life jacket

For your safety, you have to wear a life jacket one by one. Whenever you are not good at swimming, you can float on the water with the life jacket.


Paddles are an essential element of rafting. We row the boat with the paddle. We have a small size paddle for a child.

You need to bring yourself

necessary belongings

bathing suits

bathing suits

You wear your bathing suits under the wet suits. Underwear is substitute for bathing suits. the underwear get wet in the river water, bring your one more underwear for changing.


After the rafting, you use your towel in the changing room for dry your body. You don't bring it to the river.

Paid rented

shoes for rafting

shoes for rafting

Please bring your sport sandal or sneakers. CROCS are not good, because heels should be firmly fixed. You can rental our shoes for JPY300/ for each pair.

other belongings



Cause of reflection of ultraviolet rays is strong, it's very easy to get a tan in the river. You should bring sunscreen, waterproofing sunscreen is more good to protect you.

disposable contact lens

We don't recommend the type of hard contact lenses. Even if you wear soft contact lenses, contact lens often come off in the water. You can rent our goggles for JPY100/ for each. And also we are ready for you who wear glasses rent glasses band for JPY100/ for each.

Access to Kochi Rafting

Kochi Yoshino river family Rafting access map
Meeting Place
BIGSMILE Toyonaga base
direct phone line
ZIP-code: 789-0241
34-1 Tobinoishi, Kawado-Aza, Otoyo-cho, Nagaoka-gun, Kochi
  • By car
  • By train
  • Kochi Yoshino river family Rafting access map Access by car
    Osaka area→Tarumi I.C → (Kobe Awaji -Naruto Expressway) → Naruto JCT → (Tokushima Expressway) → Igawa-Ikeda I.C → Route 32 to Kochi area about 20 minutes → BIGSMILE Toyonaga Meeting base
    Free parking lots in the same area
  • Kochi Yoshino river family Rafting access map Access by train
    Okayama Station → (JR Seto-Ohashi Line) → Awa-Ikeda Station(JR Dosan Line) → Toyonaga Station → 20 minute walk → BIGSMILE Toyonaga Meeting base
    Please check the time table of trains.

Kochi Family Rafting Point

The biggest torrent of Family course

The torrent of Kochi Yoshino River awaits!
Carelessness says a family course, and is a taboo. There are two torrents in the course! enough thrilling for kids? Not enough for adults? When you say so that and are careless, you fall into the river!

Even tension is slightly fun! Thrill in torrents!

Not only big wave! Let's enjoy the whole body with Kochi Yoshino river!
Floating with the life jacket as well as going down torrents, swim in the river, play and touch nature.
Yoshino River famous as the best of Japan torrent, the course where you can participate from 7 years old. You can be satisfied with the great outdoors from a start to a goal. We do some fun activities and swim in the clearly water of Yoshino River. We put on life jackets and helmets for our safety. Worry is also unnecessary for a safety aspect. Please try Yoshino River rafting in Shikoku for memory making in the summer vacation by all means!
continued from here

Info Kochi Yoshino River area

Yutorisuto Otoyo Camp site

Yutorisuto Otoyo Camp site1Yutorisuto Otoyo Camp site2
The camp site takes 30 minutes from Kochi Yoshino River Family Rafting Toyonaga Meeting base. The auto camping site is in the mountain of Kochi.
There are facilities where your child plays a train of kids and athletics of kids as well as BBQ, and you can stay at a cottage and a tent.
Please make me a memory in summer with your family according to the rafting.
address : 4037-25 Nakamura-Daio, Nagaoka-gun Otoyo-cho, Kochi
direct phone:0887-72-0700
URL : http://www.yutorisuto.jp
open 10:00~17:00

Hirome Ichiba

Hirome Ichiba1Hirome Ichiba2
The famous tour spot in Kochi takes 60 minutes by car from Kochi Yoshino River Family Rafting Toyonaga Meeting base.
At typical tourist attraction in Kochi, a gourmet of a bonito half-cooked in soy-based sauce and a gift.
It's fact guaranteeing which can be enjoyed as a family. Around here, Kochi-castle and Harimaya-Bashi(bridge), so please go all together.
address : 2-5- 11 Ote-suji, Kochi-shi
direct phone:088-822-5287
URL : http://hirome.co.jp/
open 8:00~23:00(weekdays, Saturdays and holidays)

Foodie Kochi Rafting area


The restaurant takes 20 minutes by car from Kochi Yoshino River Half-day Rafting Toyonaga Meeting base.
Their specialty is Iya-Soba(Japanese noodles), and local cuisine of local ingredients. We think you can reconstruct an old private house was built 200 years ago. And also enjoy its atmosphere in the restaurant.
You can see Koboke Valley from the seat by the window.
Nishiri and Moniji-Tei are in the tourist facility as WEST - WEST. Please use them together with a gift department and a tree climbing.
address : River Station WEST - WEST, 1468-1 Nishiu, Yamashiro-cho, Miyoshi-shi,Tokushima
direct phone:0883-84-1117
URL : http://west-west.com/shops/momiji/
open : 11:00~17:00 (July to November) 11:00~15:00 (December to June)
Wednesday is closed


The restaurant takes 20 minutes by car from Kochi Yoshino River Half-day Rafting Toyonaga Meeting base.
Near here, this is the only restaurant you can eat Tokushima Ramen(Chinese noodles).
They have many kinds of combo and cafe. There is also an open wood deck, so the scenery of seen Koboke is special while having coffee from there.
address : 1468-1 Nishiu, Yamashiro-cho, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima
direct phone:0883‐84‐1116
open : 10:00~17:00
open all year round (Thursday is closed from December to June)

Let's Enjoy Together

This family course is the family and the person and your child who could come are still a fitting course in a small way. It's the gentlest course in the course in Yoshino River. Still it's Yoshino River where Japan three large rampageous river is also one, so there are some torrent points. I think it fits the person who will go out on an absent day with the family.

FAQ Kochi Family Rafting

Q. Is the rafting dangerous for a small child?
It's considered sufficiently safely. We also put equipment on the helmet and the life jacket tightly! And a tour guide squats in the boat at the time of a torrent, and is caught by a rope, and directs, so I'm relieved. going down several some torrents, I'd like to get off more! The heart which says so is sprouting up. And wannna try Oboke half-day tour next year! There are also many family which say so! I think if you can get such feeling one after another.
Q. One under the participation age, how old, the top, how old, can we participate?
There are no upper limits from 7 years old in the bottom. A family takes your grandchild, and can come by everyone rather than can come only by a parent and child. The person who invites a relative and participates in rafting as mass's place is seen much, too! You can do tour participation of a family course widely, so please participate any time!
Q. I'd like to take child's picture, so can I take a camera to a river?
To take a camera to a river has a high possibility that it's lost, so we don't recommend you so much. When losing it at the way I'd like to take at any cost, requesting by self-responsibility. Our tour guide takes a camera to the river and take about 30-40 pictures! The picture taken on the river at the end of a tour you can check them, you can buy the CD-R.
Q. Even if we are not a family group, can we participate in?
Of course you can participate! It's the gentlest course of Yoshino River in Shikoku. Rafting is the course which is also recommended to the first one. Please also enjoy rafting as sightseeing! Do you touch other family and are you a relative at the end of a tour?

Comment from CEO

The president
A point in the Kochi Yoshino River Family Rafting I'll recommend is that family same can enjoy rafting at Yoshino River where is called outstanding torrents in Japan.
It's the course where you can participate from 7 years old only in the Yoshino River course. It fits first experience of activity in summer.
By all means, we are waiting for your family the participation which is together for the memory of the summer holidays.

Limits for Rafting

Age Limit
Minimum age is 7 years old, and under 12 must join with a parent or a guardian.
Health conditions
Participation is sometimes declined by the day's health.
Decline to accept for be drunk.
We decline a drunken person. And the case's repayment can't refund a fee.
During pregnancy
A pregnant woman can't participate in rafting.
An epileptic fit
Doctor's medical certificate is needed, mentioning of participation permission of rafting.
Handicapped person
here is dangerous risk in rafting. There are acceptance pros and cons by a case. Please consult us beforehand.
Kochi Yoshino River Family Rafting