raftingtour Minakami Halfday Rafting
  • Torrent! Enjoy with the water slider in the outdoor.
    Put up your paddle! Let's enjoy together!!
  • Kids have a smile as BIGSMILE Rafting.
    We have gotten over all Yeah!!
  • Laugh and scream on the boat.
    Enjoy with the water slider in the outdoor.
  • Floating on water with a life jacket.
    Rafting was so cool Kids are in such smiling face
  • Go for it! You can do it!
    Make hilarious times with your best friends
  • Feeling is a climax!
    Feeling is a climax!

Introduction Minakami Rafting in Gunma

Minakami Rafting is one of the best rafting spots in East-Japan area

Rafting Fee

Credit support. Various credit cards can be used


every day from April to the last day of October
Prices start from
(including tax-10%)
JPY3,619 (excluding tax-10%)
The fee depends on the date and course.
the charge after reservation discount on the website
including wet jacket and accident insurance

Meeting Time

  • usual season
  • start10:00 finish12:30
  • start14:00 finish16:30
  • busy season
  • start9:30 finish12:00
  • start12:00 finish14:30
  • start14:30 finish17:00
Finish time depend on the condition of the river.

Age Limit

from starting day to June : over 13 years old
July to the last day : over 7 years old, must join with a parent or a guardian

Rafting Fee(WEB Discount)

  • Year:2023Month:6 Booking & PriceSheet

    Click the date (schedule).A rate list is indicated.


Introduction for Minakami Rafting in Gunma

Minakami Halfday Rafting Tour Guide
Minakami rafting guide,
It is called one in Japan three large rampageous river as well as Chikugo-gawa in Kyushu area and Yoshino-gawa in Shikoku area at the first-grade river where Tonegawa basin system is a main current, and have a nickname of "Bando Taro". Minakami area blessed with nature where is located in the Gunma northernmost point and circles a town in the mountains in one Tanigawadake of 100 famous mountains of abundant water source such as Tone River.When using a freeway or the bullet train from Tokyo central area, it is the outdoor sacred place where you can go in about 1 hour and a half! [continued from here] Our rafting is most suitable for your friends' group and lovers' group. Because of the domestic maximum scale, our BIGSMILE polite staffs will guide you the educated favor which can be done. Once you try Minakami Halfday Rafting, you will become addicated.

Tour Schedule

Meeting at Minakami Base♪

BIGSMILE Minakami base
We can pick up you from JR Minakami Station or Jyomo-Kogen bulltrain Station(A reservation is needed) Our meeting base is located near Manakami Express IC , takes about 2 minutes by car. You can use our free parking lots.Our fitting rooms have air conditioners and safty boxes.
More information
Getting dressed
Before the meeting time, you can fill in the participation application form. And after that, change for the wet suit in the clean and comfortable room with air conditioners.
Safety instructions
After you changed, put on a life jacket and helmet.
From 100 centimeters of height,140 kilograms of weight being prepared.
You move to the starting point by our bus. It is not so long time because of nice location!

Let's go rafting!

Rafting start
At first, rowing a boat practice. Enjoy the greatest scenery from start to goal, 5 kilometers about 1 1/2 hours rafting. You can swim at calm point if you like.
One point advice
The safe posture for rafting
Before we go down a torrent on a river, a tour guide appeals the safe posture to you. You have to do the safe pose. We also practice the safe posture a boat when rowing a boat practice.
More information
Let's board the boat
First, rafting guides explain about rafing safly. Don't worry! Any questions are OK.
Rowing practice
Next, let's row the boat♪ BIGSMILE, friendly tour guides teach you kind and politeness gently. The Minakami Halfday Rafting is being prepared a boat at the most of 7 seats of basis.( sometimes prepared at most 9)
Let's get down
Now, it's time to go down the river together. Here we go!

Let's go down a torrent

We go down some torrents and rapids.Let’s go down the river together!
More information
Challenge torrent
One during a torrent do the safe pose, please. When grasping a rope tightly, it doesn't fall from a boat. When a rafting guide calls you, do the safe pose.
Koayu no Taki
Breakthrough!Splash! Getting wet of your whole body.
Rapid flow of Minakami river
You can enjoy rafting like surfing.Let’s ride the waves on BIGWAVE!

Jumping and activities

Dive from the rocky field
you can enjoy jumping from rocks. A bit scary, but feel so refreshing. If you don’t like jumping, you don’t have to. You can enjoy other activities.
One point advice
Jumping form a rock!
Why don't you try jumping from a rock?
More information
Let's swim a lot
Our rafting guide explain how to jump from a rock. You can get some information about jumping a rock. Keep the rules and enjoy some activities♪
Rafting game
JUMP!You can swim in the river at the point, if you want to.
Titanic game
Even if you can't swim, please don't worry because the life jacket are floated you on water. What kind of activities would you like to play today
Jumping by a decided point is sometimes canceled by the quantity of water of the river and the congestion situation of the day.

After we finish rafting

It's a goal
When we go rafting all of rapids, it is the goal. Let's all have the best BIGSMILE! We go back our meeting base by our bus. Please check the pictures our rafting guide took.
More information
It's a goal!
Our meeting base and finish point are close, so it is comfortable. It is our sale that other rafting companies do not have.
Minakami Gunma
After rafting, you come back our meeting base. You take a shower and change your clothes. Rinse the water of the Tone River. Welcome in our comfortable and clean facility.
You can take away your photoes our rafting guides with your smartphone for free. Let's have fun together!You can get your free photoes @BS Minakami LINE
Minakami half-day rafting daily updating!
We update every day, the movement situations of the river

What you need?

  • rafting clothes
  • helmet, life jacket ,paddle and so on are prepared by BIGSMILE for free
  • It depends on the weather situation of the day, we prepare another wears.

You need to prepare for Minakami Rafting

  • bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Shoes for rafting (It will get wet)

who wear glasses and contact lenses

  • glasses band, goggles
More information of Minakami Rafting

We prepare for you



paddling jacket(on the left)

We have paddling jackets for windy and rainy weather for protect you from cold climate. You are not strong to the cold, you wear it.

wet suits(in the middle)

The wet suits, we prepared is made of neoprene material. You can enjoy rafting with this wet suit even in the cold weather. Enough to wet suit and variety of sizes(XS~4XL) But we don's have enough 4XL size, please contact us beforehand.

wet jacket(on the right)

In the cold day or you are not strong to the cold, we are ready wet jackets for you. There are a lot of situations idle at a river for a child, so the child wears a wet jacket for all seasons.




In the river, there are many rocks and drift wood. You need to wear a helmet to protect your head. We have various sizes.

life jacket

For your safety, you have to wear a life jacket one by one. Whenever you are not good at swimming, you can float on the water with the life jacket.


Paddles are an essential element of rafting. We row the boat with the paddle. We have a small size paddle for a child.

You need to bring yourself

necessary belongings

bathing suits

bathing suits

You wear your bathing suits under the wet suits. Underwear is substitute for bathing suits. the underwear get wet in the river water, bring your one more underwear for changing.


After the rafting, you use your towel in the changing room for dry your body. You don't bring it to the river.

Paid rented

shoes for rafting

shoes for rafting

Please bring your sport sandal or sneakers. CROCS are not good, because heels should be firmly fixed. You can rental our shoes for JPY300/ for each pair.

other belongings



Cause of reflection of ultraviolet rays is strong, it's very easy to get a tan in the river. You should bring sunscreen, waterproofing sunscreen is more good to protect you.

disposable contact lens

We don't recommend the type of hard contact lenses. Even if you wear soft contact lenses, contact lens often come off in the water. You can rent our goggles for JPY100/ for each. And also we are ready for you who wear glasses rent glasses band for JPY100/ for each.

Access to Minakami Rafting

Meeting Place
BIGSMILE Minakami base
direct phone line
382-2 Kawakami, Minakamicho, Tone-gun, Gunma
  • By car
  • By train
  • Access to Minakami Halfday Rafting by car
    Tokyo area → (Kanetu Expressway) →Minakami IC → Route291(2minutes) →Minakami Meeting Base
  • Access to Minakami Halfday Rafting by train
    When you come here by bullet train, please get off Jomo-Kogen Station. JR Station is Minakami.
    Tokyo → (Jo-Etsu Bullet Train) → Jomo Kogen Station(8 ㎞ from our Meeting Base)
    We can pick up you from JR Minakami Station or Jyomo-Kogen bulltrain Station(A reservation is needed)

Good points of Minakami Rafting

Spring is the best season for rafting!

minakami river
In spring, the snow on Mt. Tanigawa-dake begins to melt.There are very large amount of water for rafting between May and June. That is the reason why we recommend you our rafting in spring.The rapids are the World-class Level.

Summer season is good for family

Not only big wave! Let's enjoy the whole Minakami river!!
From July, enjoy rafting for the Elemetary Kids to adults.You can do some activities such as jumpimg from a rock, swimming in the river, if you want.
You ride on the rafitng boat from starting and finishing point.There are 2 good seasons for rafting, spring and summer. We have good reputation because many customers enjoy our rafting,We are ready for your rafting life jackets, helmets, wet suits, and season's items.
continued from here

FAQ Minakami Rafting

Q. Do you have any parking lotS?
Yes, there are 2 parking areas for free.One is near our meeting base.The area can park more than 50 cars. The other one is across our meeting place, for sightseeing buses.We have enough parking lots.
Q. Is it OK can not swim well?
Yes, of course!You wear life jacket.While we go rafting, keep holding the ropes on the boat. Just relax floating in the river.
Q. Do I get sea-sick?
Most of people does not get sea-sick.We do not wave like on a ferry.Only a few people in 20 years feel sea-sick.
Q. After doing a goal, what is done?
We go back to our meeting base by our bus from goal point.※We do not break up at the goal point. At the meeting base, you can take a shower, if you want.You change into your clothes and break up.
Q. When a companion doesn't participate in rafting, is there a waiting place?
There is a river beach at the place to which you can walk from the meeting base, so you can play in water. In addition to, there is the horse cart near trolley train station(Wednesday is closed), and you can feed horses.

Requirements for participation

Age limits
Over 13-years old can join in spring season, and 7-years old can join in summer season.
And under 16 must join with a parent or a guardian.
Health conditions
Participation is sometimes declined by the day's health.
Decline to accept for be drunk.
We decline a drunken person. And the case's repayment can't refund a fee.
During pregnancy
A pregnant woman can't participate in rafting.
An epileptic fit
Doctor's medical certificate is needed, mentioning of participation permission of rafting.
Handicapped person
There is dangerous risk in rafting. There are acceptance pros and cons by a case. Please consult us beforehand.
Minakami Halfday Rafting